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The Battle For The Fastest SUV Has Begun!


If there is one thing the automobile companies are obsessing over at the moment, it is the crown for the fastest ever SUV made. Luxury car makers are intent of creating the technology and the vehicle that would be the fastest and most speedy SUV of its time hence claiming the bragging rights for ever and ever more. The automobile industry is filled p to the brim with companies trying to get the edge on the basis of engineering, design, cuts, looks, technological incorporations and top notch performance.

One such company means serious business and determination for grabbing the throne for the fastest SUV is the none other than Porsche! The automaker has unveiled the brand new Cayenne Turbo S in Detroit which is one of the speediest vehicle to date. The company has announced that the next generation Cayenne Turbo is to be expected very soon. Porsche with its amazing introduction is making an avid statement specifically to arch rivals Bentley stating that they will be the makers for the fastest SUV. Well we have our bucket of popcorns on the ready to see what Bentley comes up with next and see it they can shift the tide i n their favor.