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The Bentley Smart Phone Costs MORE Than Your TOYOTA Corolla!


There is no limit to human nature’s attraction towards what is elite and luxurious. Although most of the people in this world live below the poverty line, yet it does not stop daily introduction of excessively lavish and high end entities to be introduced in numerous markets. One such industry is that of the automobiles and the height of sheer shock at the price tags is unfathomable. Vehicles costing millions and billions or dollars are being exclusively made for custom usage by the rich and the famous.


One such brand that proudly wears the high end name of its sleeve is that of Bentley. The automaker has taken a step in the direction that is sure to make your jaw drop to the floor. The recently introduced Bentley phone named ‘Vertu For Bentley” is a sheer piece of art more than it is a piece of communication. The smart phone with a price tag of $16,900 is pricier than your Toyota Corolla which is a highly prestigious vehicle itself. The 4.7 inch entity with a battery life of 380 hours runs on the latest Android 4.4. Move aside iPhone 6S, its time for Vertu Bentley to shine.