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The Difference Between Bugatti And Bentley Owners Will Blow Your Mind!


There is something known as rich and one even above that as the super rich. With more than half of the people living under the poverty line all over the world, there is still no stop or even pause to the luxurious and high end life style the rich are used to. Things that are well beyond our wildest imagination is what is actually being experienced by these prestigious personnel. The impracticality does not play a part and it is the rich getting richer with people like us as the audience.


The automobile industry is one such market that is commonly used to flaunt the status of a person. In the high end category two of the famous names are Bentley and Bugatti. These are no ordinary brands and even being in their presence means you must be of a high class elite category yourself. However the shocking part is the distinction between the Bentley and the Bugatti owners. According to research a common Bentley owner on average owns 8 cars whereas an average Bugatti owner has 84 cars, 3 jets and a yacht in his possession. Now THAT is some piece of genuine information you did not expect!