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The Dreadful Day She Decided To Leave Her Child In The Car!


One of the most controversial topics that directly questions and judge the parenting skills of a couple or a mother or a father individually has been the way they make split second decisions to leave their children in the car while running a quick errand. This decision to leave children in the car have resulted in numerous fatalities all over the world and is considered as one of the most heinous crimes committed from a parent.


The recent article that has been buzzing the parenting blogs and numerous sites is “The Day She Let Her Son Wait In The Car”. Upon reading the heading you would perceive that a mother left her son in the car to make a quick errand and the son somehow died due to any reason what so ever due to the poor judgment on the woman’s part. But the story takes a twist when the woman comes out and the kids is happily playing on his iPAD. However there stands a woman who made a movie of the kid alone in the car and of the mother coming out of the store and sent it to the police for child negligence. The parent in question was sentenced 100 hours of community service along with attendance of parenting classes. This however seems so unreasonable to me personally as the child could hae been put to greater danger if taken out. He could have been hit by a bus or mugged in a parking lot or simply slipped and injured himself. The extension to such punishments should be controlled as the number of children fatalities due to being left alone in the car include those who were left there for the whole day. There is no right to put the parent’s parenting skill on the platform of judgmental opposition.