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The Hover Board Fantasy Is About To Become A Reality From Back To The Future!


One of the most beloved memories from my childhood is watching the amazing and hilarious “Back To The Future” with my siblings. We were in awe of the concept shown in the movie along with Marty Mcfly’s bomber red jacket and don’t even get me started on that amazing Hover Board. If there is one thing i would take away from that movie it would be that super cool hover board all of us literally drooled over. The class and the style of Marty McFly’s flying board closely followed by those super cool Nike shoes was one thing we looked forward to in the future. Well long have we waited for the dream to come true and looks like its closer than we imagined.


Hendo Hoverboards is one such company whose plan is to make this a reality. Its kick starter goal if reached can make this dream of ours and of all the 90’s kids as reality. The company has been working earnestly overcoming technical difficulties that seemed impossible a few decades ago. Micheal J. Fox who was the star of the hit movie is himself looking forward to the amazing invention becoming an actual reality. There is no one we would like to see more on an actual hover boards than Mr. Fox himself.