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The Most American Automobile Makers? Toyota And Honda!


Automobile industry is famous for the cut throat competition from numerous companies all over the world all trying to out do each other on numerous platforms. Three main competitor industries are the Japanese automobile manufacturers, the German Car makers and the All American automobile companies. All these companies have plants and facilities in numerous countries all over the world to provide its vast user base easy and ready availability of its cars.


The best selling all American vehicle is that of Ford Motor Company’s pickup. However the all American car producers with 7 vehicles in the list of top 10 most sold vehicles in America are surprisingly not American Made at all. Toyota and Honda are the Japanese automobile companies that most American auto company by production and parts. The presence of seven most sold and in demand vehicles in one of the most advanced countries of the world are not American at all is a surprising factor. This statistic is a testament to the cut throat competition that industries have to face from all over the world in order to sustain their position even in their own local markets. The Japanese vehicles are considered the best of the best leading the overall market share from all over the world.