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The Near Future Of Vehicle Safety!


The growing rate of accidents on and off the roads is a striking matter that needs immediate attentions. With thousands of people dying in road accidents all over the world on yearly basis, there is a definite need of certain policies, regulation and its strict obedience at all times in order to safeguard the sanctity of human life. Modern technology is being out to effect in order to save numerous lives and yet there constant increasing death toll cannot be ignored.

The finest solution which seems to be an actual possibility to make changes to such drastic death toll rise is that of the vehicle to vehicle communication. The lane assist and turning options will be made use of in this regard with a more efficient manner. The communicating cars will result in less traffic and constant alerts between vehicles which will warn each other for nearby hurdles and thus prevent potentially devastating accidents. Even though there is major concern being shown on this feature with the arguments such as how will the car make a decision if there are two option of collision. Which will it hit and which one will it miss? Well the glitches removal process is being carried out at the moment. Lets see and pray that this system results in minimizing the car crash fatalities.