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The New And Dangerous Trend Of Leaving Children In Cars!


Responsible parenting demands a lot from people. You are no more thinking of your self but a whole new person who is unable to think for himself, feed himself, take care of himself and keep himself safe. You have to be on your toes, keep two eyes at the front and two eyes at the back open at all time and show constant vigilance. It is therefore strict laws and policies put into action to ensure children safety inside and outside the cars. There are certain rules that must be followed at all time in order to indulge in responsible parenting.


On of the most dangerous trends that is being witnessed nowadays is that of leaving children in the car for long duration while you are at the job, or running errands or making a quick exit. A father in Georgia left his son in the car on one of the hottest days in the city and it resulted in the death of the toddler. Another left her kid to get a tattoo made on her body while her child was alone in the car. Another one left his kid to run quick errands on the basis of the fact that the child will slow him down. Such incidents results in fatalities that can never be reversed and thus are equivalent to murder and child cruelty.