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The New Automobile Technology An Invasion Of Privacy?


The modern era is full of technological revolution that has taken the world by storm. Be it any segment or any industry there is continuous growth of technology and its ready implementation in the system. The automobile industry is no different to the technological progress and the innovation that comes along with it. However with great power comes great responsibility.

The upcoming and new technologies allow the user to be connect over the internet at all time. Not only that but their cars are able to connect with those driver nearby. This element of people connecting wifi upon setting foot in their car is a potential threat to the driver’s privacy. AAA is making a statement by ensuring that the driver’s rights are overlooked when signing the terms and conditions statement. It has been made clear that the individual may not know who is going to this information at the back end and may end up exploiting them. It comes to notice that the new automobile technology might just be an invasion of privacy. The access and control of data at the hands of unknown personnel poses as a genuine and grave danger that needs to be contained in order to not be exploited.