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The New Model T Technology Demanded

The Model T was a revolutionary concept before which car was considered a luxury. It was before the first Model T era that limited cars were produced as the demand and purchasing power never met that often. It was during those times that profit margin was high with demand being lower.

The Model T revolutionized the concept and came up with cars that were not handmade; rather was based on assembly line production concept. Though the vehicles were there, but the mass production of the vehicle brought in price so low that the vehicles started selling as hot cakes.

In this way car being a medium of transportation for even middle class happened. Something that was a miracle in it own self.  Over the years the overall economy of the automobile industry shows tendency of bulk buying if the price is right.   Though the assembly line concept is still there running in full swing, but the technological up gradation is very much required.

Tesla has introduced a car employing smart technology. It is high time for other companies to employ the same technology cashing the wire free experience on automobiles as well. The most basic form is still there, but advancement of technology is needed.  It will reduce cost in long run with ease happening to a better level.

A technology filled Model T is the new demand of customers, what do you suggest?