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The Next Big Thing? This 3 Wheel Car!!


With the latest technological developments being made on daily basis, there are numerous ideas and solutions that no one ever dreamed of. One of the prominent features in this regard is the innovative designs that could elevate the speed of the vehicle or be aerodynamically superior performing or be the jaw dropping beauty any one ever laid their eyes upon. Such developments keep the automotive industry fresh and the car fanatics highly interested on what the next big thing might be.


However we are pretty sure we know what the next big thing is going to be. It is not a car nor is it  motorcycle. It is a three wheel two passenger vehicle being introduced by Paul Elio of Elio Motors. The compact ride will go up to 84 mpg on the road and will cost $6,800. Developed as an affordable low costing car, the vehicle has impressive fuel economy and provides amenities like three airbags, door locks, power windows, audio system along with air conditioning and 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. To prototype drive has been quite successful with the release date for the vehicle being set to the start of next year. Will you opt for this car and consider it the next big thing? Yes we thought so too.