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The President’s Daughter Gets A Car On Her 16th Birthday!


There is no other day like your birthday. You may be anyone belonging to any country or any religion, no one loves it more but when their birthday is celebrated. The traditions may be quite different though. In the west it is the norm to get the birthday boy or a birthday girl a car when you turn sixteen and get you out of the house to live on your own when you turn eighteen. In the east however this does not happen and a nice birthday cake with a gift is enough without you getting out of the house.


A girl’s sixteenth birthday is one of the most important days of her life. Specially if you are the President’s daughter. President Obama’s daughter, Malia turned 16 over the weekend and the birthday present she got was a brand new car. Was it a Ford Focus or Nissan Sentra, we are yet to find out probably in a year’s time though. The responsible parents have ensures that Malia will first learn to drive efficiently and get her driver’s permit before she can take her car on the road to endanger anyone’s life. Well i guess being the president’s daughter do not get you extra perks but added duties instead.