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The Quiet Car Is The New Sensation!


After a long tiring day what do you look forward to? A long silent ride home when you can relax and get a shut eye for some time so you can rest up before you get home. It is the moment you look forward to all day long where the peace and quiet of your me time will be the very few minutes you get to enjoy alone in your own thoughts and your own company. But what ruins your day is when you are comfortable in your seat and suddenly you hear some woman ranting on and on and on about the latest piece of gossip with her friend over the phone and it takes all your self control to not snatch that mobile and throw it out of the moving car.

Well the passengers of the Amtrak Quiet Car do not have to go through this pain and hell and is the most highly rated ride service at the moment. In the car are numerous boards fitted with the message “Quiet Cat – Please Refrain from loud talking or using cellphones in car.”. This puts an end to the yapping away of gossips when you are trying to take some rest and peace. This hit is proving to set a trend for more of such boards in order to peace of environment all around.