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The Reason Stealing Cars Is Not In Fashion Anymore!

Big Bad Burglar

There are two sides to every story just like there are two sides to each coin. The element of good vs evil will exist as long as there is human life on the planet. However what is of much interest is the fact that the way of committing crimes has changed considerably from when we used to be kids almost 20 years ago. There used to be break ins and car thefts and holding that pistol against the forehead to get the job done. However nowadays there has been a significant decrease in car thefts specifically in some of the biggest cities in the world like New York. That kind of crime is just not in fashion anymore and there is good reason behind it.

The crime of stealing cars used to be quite simple. You look for a vehicle parked in a lonely road or in a secluded position. The thief used to quietly crawl to it without the fear of being caught on camera. All it took was a tool par and a pick lock to open the door, get in the car, getting the ignition start with the two wires and the thief was good to go. The cars at those times were easier to get into and were of value as well. Those cars are still present on the road but their value has decreased considerably making the effort more riskier with all these security cameras around for getting caught. However now that electric cars with codes are being the thieves are happier since cyber crime is easier to commit without getting your face on the camera or getting your hands dirty. Tesla owners BEWARE!