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The Record For The Tightest Parallel Parked Car Is Broken AGAIN!


There is some serious rivalry between England and China that we never knew of. It is the bizarre competition between the two nations for the most weird and utterly useless bragging rights. The whole rivalry is over the world record for the tightest parallel parking car. The record was held by England’s Alastair Moffatt for the most closely parked parallel car. The record was held at 8.6 cm from its original size. Well things got heated pretty quickly pretty soon. Just two months ago a Chinese stunt driver by the name of Han Yue broke the previous record by 8cm in a Mini cooper S.

Well the latest twist in the story is that England’s Alastair Moffatt is back with a bang and this time he meant some serious business. Just two months after his record was broken, the stuntman took back what was his with a Fiat 500 just 7.5cm broader than the vehicle. Well we are assuming that the Chinese are plotting for revenge as we are speaking. Let sit back with out bucket of popcorns and see what comes next.