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The Rollercoaster Ride That Will Make Your Stomach Turn!


I do not consider myself a daredevil. In actuality i have not even learnt to drive because im scared of hitting someone of the road and ending their life with my hands. Therefore i have not experienced the rush of cruising down the long road ahead in the early hours of the day with only the wind in your hair and the empty road ahead of you. But i do know a place where i don’t have to put mine or some one else’s life in danger and have the most fun all the way and there is no place better to do that but on a roller coaster.


However the latest roller coaster that is coming to Texas is something that is sure to make you vomit and ensure that your stomach turns in horror and to be sure it is not for the light hearted. The Batman Roller coaster combines a unique sensory and out of body experience that you have never imagined or seen any where ever before. The twist and turns accompanied with shocking jerks and vibrations ill make you want to get off that beast of a ride the moment you get on it. So be warned if yo ever plan to get on it since you will probably be throwing up afterwards but you are sure going to have the time of your life.