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The Safest Soccer Mum Car EVER!


Its one of the most unfair myths that women are worse drivers than men and i take offense to that being a woman myself. However in all fairness and honesty i have seen more accidents on the roads due to a woman’s incapability to get her car out of a jam or parallel park or just the ability to look in a rear view mirror on time. Car companies are doing their best to come up with solutions that will ensure the safety and security of the person driving the car, the passengers present in the vehicles as well as the pedestrians on the road.

Volvo has introduced the new XC90 in Sweden which is deemed to be the safest Soccer Mum Car in the world. The vehicle is surely different from the rest as it automatically slams the brakes if the driver is about to turn infront of an incoming car. Not only this but the seatbelts will be tightened automatically and airbags will be secured if the car goes off road. The vehicle will automatically detect and spot pedestrians and cyclists at night in order to prevent collision or crash of any sort. It is the go to car for soccer moms who hope to drive a useful practical car without any incidents.