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The Stained Glass Car That Is Sheer PERFECTION And Beauty!


There is no shortage of creative souls out there. Just give them their instrument and behold the magic that will happen. It may be in the painting that they make, or the music that they compose, it may be in the movies that they picturize or the images they capture, it may be in their talent that saves lives or their humanity to save human kind. Every person is an epitome of uniqueness that has something of their own to contribute to the world to make it a better place. The important thing is to nurture and support their uniqueness that sets them apart so they can go beyond good to greatness.


One such example that crossed by eyes today was a thing of sheer and utter beauty. British designer Dominic Wilcox created one of the most unique exterior for an autonomous car that has never been done or seen before. The exterior is completely composed of stained church like glass with numerous colors making a shell for the autonomous car taking your breath away. There are no seats inside the car but only a bed. It is Wilcox’s vision of the future where mankind will live in utter Utopia without any needs for anything else. It might not happen in the near future Sir but we like the way you think.