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The Super Car Trinity Is Coming To LEGO!


Every year there are high hopes and crazy fans wait for the release and introduction of new and improved cars. The hype that comes before the storm is such that it is sure to make one super excited for something that most of us cannot even afford. But hey it does not cost a dime to sit back and enjoy the marvel of the super cars that come our way. With names like Ferrari, McLaren, BMW, Porsche and Bentley in the upcoming list, it is hard for car fanatics not to get excited.


Well the super car trinity comprising of McLaren P1, Ferrari’s LeFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder is one such triangle that is the dream team for any automobile lover. The catch however is that this amazing trio is coming with all its gadgets and specifications to none other than LEGO! The speed champion set of 2015 will not only be available in Hong Kong but all over the world. The race car hybrids have whole sets of race team mock ups included in the set for everyone to enjoy. The detail put into it in amazing with drivers, pits, screws, wheels and tools are present as a part of the deal. We cant wait to get out hand on THAT kind of Lego!