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The Undying Idea Of The FLYING CARS!


Since the start of the automobile industry there has been constant technological innovation over the years. From wheelers to four wheeler, from steering wheel cars to steering less vehicles, from using physical maps to sat nav systems there has been immense progress and growth of massive proportions. The present era is focusing on making the impossible possible and making such progress that is sure to change the face of human life as we know now.


One concept that has been ingrained in the human mind for as long as i can remember is that of the flying car. The hovering vehicle is wished by many to happen and there is significant amount of work invested in this project. One company that has made immense progress in this specific line of projects in the Terrafugia, a Massachusetts based company. Toyota Motor Company which is one of the leading automotive companies of the world is presently working on a hover car. Not only that but the leading electric car maker Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has not ruled out the production of flying car himself. There has been an exciting elevation in the production of flying cars by the Formula One teams. Using intelligent techniques comprising of fans on the underside of the vehicle and manipulating the air makes the vehicle experience the “Ground Effect”.