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The World’s Cleanest Car Is The Electric Self Washing Car!


One of the advantages of the technological revolution is that it makes life a lot more easier for mankind. Chores that one had to do on their own are now being done by automated machines who are programmed to execute the commands on spot. The automobile industry is open to the technological innovation and has witnessed numerous ground breaking changes that has changed the face of the automobile sector. The major changes have left the audience with their jaw dropped  but its the everyday routine changes that make every driver thoroughly thankful for the technological breakthroughs.


The introduction of the world’s cleanest car being Nissan Leaf itself is great news for car fanatics all over the world. Not only is the car electric and allows cost cutting on fuel but is also self washing which elevates its position. Nissan which has already introduced the self cleaning car paint earlier this year has now amalgamated the Ultra Ever Dry Coating to the electric emission free vehicle. The 100% electric Nissan Leaf will never have to stop at a gas station for a car wash ever again due to its highlighting features. Lets just wait and watch when the revised version of this car which has already been released 2 years ago will hit the market and make all of our lives a lot lets easier. That is one thing i can cross off of my list every morning.