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The World’s Coolest Toy Car For Grownups!


I wholeheartedly agree with the statement that there is a kid in every adult. That kid has a knack for coming out at the most surprising of times making sure that the moment is not lost without fun. It was just yesterday that i was wrestling my nephew over his newly gifted remote controlled car. The sheer joy i felt at zooming the vehicle in circles with the remote in one hand and keeping the kid at bay with another is the kind of this i don’t do very often. The one thing i realized? I need a toy of my own and i don’t car if i am too old for it!

Well this morning came bearing gifts when i came across one of the best and the coolest toys for grownups that money can buy. It is the amazing and jaw dropping Crazy Cart XL. The vehicle was was customized and upgraded to a model before being the Crazy Cart initially only catered to individual till the height 4’5″. Well being 5’2″ i can now enjoy the new version with extra battery packs taking my super cool ride out with the spin with my little nieces and nephews right behind me on the toy car of their own. Trust me that rush of free spirit is something you have to experience to believe it.