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Finding About The World’s Fastest Police Car


Dubai is among the rich countries of Middle East, having the petrol much cheap than water bottle. It is because they have multiple oil reservoirs available in the country that make it the land of golden water. The rich government of the country has invested a lot in buying cars. It is not something new that the latest models are used by cops to serve the highway standards well.

Check out the video below:

Lamborghini Aventador has reached Dubai now, joining the fleet of police force. It will be used to make sure that bad guys are avenged. It is a good step, as crime rate will reduce. After all who can run away from the world’s fastest police car.

The country has done the right thing, as investing in betterment of society will be something that will give long term fruits. If the cops are well trained, it is believed that police force will be more efficient than west.

We wish, Dubai and automotive industry all the best. Check the video, to find what a super hero it might become in future. And who knows tomorrow the police force of Dubai really get involved in this driving for real.