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The World’s Only GOLD Porsche Spyder 918 Is So Shiny It WILL Blind You!


Well if you are going to take it in a literal sense let me just stop you right there! The stupidity of human kind knows no bounds. A thing of beauty might be a joy forever to someone but if its ironic and utter codswallop, someone like me will NOT appreciate the sentiment nor the idea behind it. It does however sometimes happens that the excess of somethings makes you appreciate the importance of it. Well you have to look no further because i have the piece of news to make this point valid.

Saudi Arabia, the land of gold and oil is not new to riches and excess money. In order to make the premium and luxury entities even more expensive, they have come up with the utterly unoriginal idea of giving the beauty of Porsche Spyder 918 a gold chrome wrap which it so shiny it might nearly blind you. The experimentation was done in a customization shop in Jeddah where filthy rich Arabs come to get their cars all blinged up. Well this is a truly a unique sight to behold turning a perfectly good vehicle worth a lot into a $845,000 shiny item! Ofcourse the bragging rights come with it for free.