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This Amazing LEGO Car Could Be Up For Grabs!


One of the most beloved toys from our childhood was none other than LEGO. The tiny bricks your joined together to form amazing figures was something so out of the ordinary that it would leave you the awe and amazement of its creation. Lego has revamped its operation to cater to not only boys but girls as well with a special section dedicated to the Pink Isle for girls. There is a mature category of Lego creations that have life sized models made of Legos of wondrous buildings and tanks and creations unimaginable and completely out of the ordinary.


Lego has always been a forward footed company when it comes to catering to the demands of the customers. Recently one such individual who is a due hard Lego fan made used numerous pieces of other Legos to make the model of a classic 1969 C3 Corvette which is so amazing with the attention to details and out of this world specification that it even left Lego is awe of the creation. The company was so wowed by the effort that the have shown inclination towards actually releasing models of the 1969 C3 Corvette inspired by the creation. Well you might just be able to get your hands on one of those few prized possessions!