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This Is What Happens When A Bentley Is Nominated For The Ice Bucket Challenge!


The past few months have been all the rage about the ice bucket challenge every where you go. Be it politicians like George W Bush or Bill Clinton or sports personnel like the New York Jets or David Beckham or thousands of actors from all over the world apparently everyone was nominating who is someone and everyone to do the ice bucket challenge. The challenge was done so in order to spread awareness about the ALS disease in order to increase charity for the organization catering to the research done in this field.


However the most shocking ice bucket challenge for given to this Bentley by the Russian construction workers. Well actually that’s not true. Its the challenge that you find out when you park your beloved your vehicle near a construction site. The Bentley parked directly underneath the construction site was showered with water all day long. It would not have been that bad if there was cement not mixed in that water. Well long story short cement is cement and the Bentley refused to move no matter what when its owner tried to start it later that day. Tough luck and a strong message for the future parking choices please!