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This Man Is Thankful That He Gave Strangers His Van AND A Sharpie Marker!


Creativity originates from the most unusual and unlikely outlets and flows through a person in the most remarkable of ways. We come across things on daily basis that are a reflection of a person’s talent in their own lives but little can be said about being at the receiving end from completely strangers. It therefore is a treat to watch something completely change and elevate through someone’s talent.


A man recently hung a board outside his house stating that he has a Volkswagen van parked in the garage and sharpie markers inside of it. Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to take one and let his or her artistic talents flow on the canvas of his van. He did not expect the amazing artistry that people took the time to make on his vehicle leaving him shocked and in awe of the beauty of his vehicle. The design can be completely protected with layers of clear paint and he will be able to cherish it for all his life. Not only that it will make be a great conversation piece. Kudos for the people for doing an outstanding job on his vehicle!