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This MOTORCYCLE Is Faster Than Your Imagination!!


Motorcycles, the bad boys of the automobile industry, are the go to vehicles of the young and the daring. In the technologically advanced world there are top notch models that excel in outlook, ambiance, performance, speed, enhancements and numerous other upgrading options that can make the vehicle more attractive and the best of the best. One of the major category is the sports bike category that appeals to the most thrilling and anticipated audience roaring to have a go on the road. In order to cater to such an audience a truly epic and amazing vehicle has been introduced whose exceptional quality is far impressive than any other – Speed!


The Dodge Tomahawk is one impressive motorbike whose speed and agility will leave your jaw dropped open. With a speed up to 420 mph and acceleration that can go up to 60 mph in a matter of 2.5 seconds, the bike is dressed to impress. Acquiring a horse power of 500 with an 8.3 liter engine this system was initially designed for sports cars. Due to this, the exquisite vehicle has four wheels and only nine have been sold so far at the price of $550,000 each. The ride on this amazing rocket will leave you in a blur and is sure to blow you away with its awesomeness!