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This School Bus Will BLOW Your Mind!


One thing i vividly remember from my childhood is getting up early in the morning to go to school and to not miss the bus to school no matter what. It used to be a huge green bus that i half heartedly got in to sleepily go to the school. I always used to dream of this amazing vehicle that would someday stop infront of my house and i would get into it to go to school with a bang. Well i am to old for that now but with the amazing vehicles behind created nowadays kids out there still have a chance to get that.


The architecture student from University of Minnesota recently created a very different project in which he completely turned over a school bus to make it jaw dropping amazing than both your house and your car. The creator purchased an old school bus and remodeled it completely to create a livable interior with the ultimate class and finesse. The entire project was finished within 15 weeks of semester time. The smart guy has divided the bus in four sections: sleeping, seating, bathroom and kitchen with every space furnished with wooden panels and LED fittings. Now THAT is the kind of bus i wanted to pick me up for school!