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Time For Winter Tires!


There is no time where you have to change to winter tires. The legislature omits a precise deadline or even a date. But then who is on snow, ice and smoothness to the obstacle or even the danger, the risk of penalties, as well as the profile offenders who drive with too little tread in the winter season.

The Highway Code is clear, ambiguous: “In winter road conditions” needs it the right tires. So who will get caught in slush, packed snow or black ice with summer tires, which is charged 60 € and conceded a point. And in the event of an accident, it can also lead to problems with their own insurance.

The special tread pattern has large water displacement properties and reduces the risk of aquaplaning efficiently. Aquaplaning situations arise in very wet roads or large water puddles. The grooves of the profile cannot displace the water under the tire, causing the situation of “aquaplaning”. In addition, the rubber compound of winter tires is specially optimized for the cold season. The braking distance of a winter tire is significantly shorter than that of a summer tire already at less than 7 ° and wet. On ice and snow slip summer wheels around then completely helpless. Incidentally, also 4 × 4 vehicles such as SUVs and other four-wheel drive with winter wheels only advantage. When braking helps no all-wheel drive. Since the tire must establish contact with the road.