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Tips & Tricks: How To Save Money In Car Maintenance!

1) Replacing Air Filer

Time to Complete: 10 minutes
Tools you need: None



2) Windshield Wipers

Tools You Need: None
Time to Complete: 15 minutes



3) Spark Plugs

Tools You Need: Ratchet or socket wrench, 12″ socket extension,spark plug socket
Time to Complete: 20 to 30 minutes



4) Oil and Oil Filter

Tools You Need: Ratchet, oil filter wrench, oil pan, funnel
Time to Complete: 30 to 45 minutes



5) Battery Maintenance

Tools You Need: Wrenches, corrosion-removal fluid, wire brush, rags
Time to Complete: 20 minutes



6) Radiator Flush

Tools You Need: Phillips-head screwdriver or wrench, rags, radiator

flush solution, coolant, funnel, used coolant receptacle
Time to Complete: 30 minutes



7) Brake Pads

Tools You Need: Lug wrench, C-clamp, open-end or adjustable wrench,hammer
Time to Complete: 30 minutes to an hour



8) Fuel Filter Replacement

Tools You Need: New fuel filter, new fuel line washers, open end, wrenches, rags, eye protection
Time to Complete: 30 minutes