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Tips: Your Car Heater Can Cool Your Engine..!!!


We know that its summer and if you are driving your car in this scorching heat then the chance of engine heat up is also be very high. Today we will tell you some technique that you never heard of. In fact you will be astonished and definitely will want to experience it.

Ok Ok , let us tell you. Your car heater actually helps to cool your car engine. All you need to do if your car gets heat up then just turn on your heater and fan and position your vents towards the windows of the car.

Eventually it will cool down your car engine and you will commute more.


Note: We are not saying it’s a solution for car engine heat up but it is the way that can help you while you are in difficulty and stand idle with your car on the road. We always recommend you to maintain your car in a proper way (use quality engine oil, timely change of oil and air filters, cleanup your car radiator frequently)


We hope this tip will help you as we always care our customers and readers.