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TOYOTA Hit With Another Major Recall Blow!


The year 2014 has been a terrible year for a number of automobile giants putting their integrity, their quality and their prestige on the line to be completely left in probable ruins. The event of millions of recalls will leave any automobile company crippled including Ford, Toyota, General Motors and many more. The drivers from all over the world are now well versed in ignition switch problems, faulty brakes and unreliable car seats for children. The CEOs of these companies are trying to contain the situation with their own personal involvement ensuring their customers that their safety is of prime importance to them. The events however tell a completely other story.


Following in similar footsteps Toyota has been a victim of backlash as well. To add to the misery and pity party Toyota has announced that it will be recalling 844,277 cars due to faulty airbag inflators that can shoot shrapnel at the passengers face. The vehicles included in the recall are the 2002-04 Lexus SC430, 2003-04 Toyota Tundra, Corolla, Matrix, Sequoia and Pontiac Vibe. The improperly stored and botched airbags can apply too much pressure an explode sending metal fragments in the air. The recall includes 650,000 cars from Japan for the same problem. Recalls after recalls are not helping the situation of wavering customer’s confidence that has experienced a hefty blow. Let wait and watch which automobile company is the next in line for recalls now. Our bet is on either Ford or General Motors!