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Toyota Means Serious Business With Fuel Cells!


No one in the automobile industry knows it and does it better than Toyota Motor Company regarding the progression of battery packs into electric cars. Introducing Prius as the first ever electric hybrid automobile attaining the watts from the batteries which later were replaced by the Lithium-ion kind, Toyota has been present all the way through the process of change. Toyota Motor Company let its R&D Alliance with Tesla lapse last week indicating its inclination of moving away from the electric power to an alternative source.


According to the head of Toyota North America region, Jim Lentz, the long term and future play would be the alternate source of fuel cells. The distinction between the fuel cell and EVs is that EVs store chemical energy which is later released in the form of electricity and later has to be recharged. Fuel cells on the other hand perform the exact same purpose apart from the process of being refilled with Hydrogen instead of recharged. The major advantage fuel cells offer is the ability to pack a lot of energy into a light package. Now that Hydrogen refueling stations are being built all across USA, Toyota plans to launch a mid sized car powered by fuel cells in 2015. Among those at the forefront giving serious consideration to this project is Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Honda and General Motors.