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Toyota Vitz Price in Ghana: All Generations

The Toyota Vitz is known for its compact size, fuel efficiency, and reliability. Consequently, over the years, it has become a popular choice among drivers in Ghana. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Toyota Vitz price in Ghana, delving into the various generations and highlighting their features. Furthermore, it will uncover why purchasing a Toyota Vitz is an advantageous decision in the Ghanaian automotive market. Whether you’re a first-time car buyer or an experienced driver seeking a practical and economical vehicle, consider the Toyota Vitz. Keep reading to find the best deals available at SBT Ghana.

Understanding the Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz is a subcompact car that first hit the roads in 1999. With its sleek design, comfortable interiors, and exceptional fuel efficiency, it quickly gained popularity worldwide. Over the years, SBT Toyota has released multiple generations of the Vitz, each boasting significant improvements in design and technology.

The Toyota Vitz Price in Ghana

The Toyota Vitz is known for its affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers in Ghana. The price of a Toyota Vitz in Ghana varies depending on the model year, Generation, condition, and features. However, on average, a used Toyota Vitz can cost vary considerably depending on various factors. Additionally, newer models or those with additional features may be priced higher.

The Various Generations of Toyota Vitz


First Generation (1999-2005)

The first-generation Toyota Vitz featured a distinctive and compact body design, making it an ideal choice for navigating congested city roads. Equipped with a fuel-efficient engine, it quickly gained popularity among urban commuters. Moreover, the interior offered adequate space and a comfortable driving experience, making it suitable for both short trips and long journeys.

The price for the first Generation of used Toyota Vitz First Gen in Ghana starts from around USD 1,500.

Second Generation (2005-2011)

toyota vitz

The second-generation Toyota Vitz saw significant improvements in design and technology. Its more modern and sleeker appearance appealed to a wider audience. Additionally, enhanced safety features, including airbags and stability control, were introduced, providing added protection for passengers.

In Ghana, you can find the used second Generation of Toyota Vitz starting from around USD 3,000.

Third Generation (2011-2017)

toyota vitz

The third-generation Toyota Vitz received further upgrades in terms of design, fuel efficiency, and performance. It offered a smoother ride and increased cabin space, making it a practical choice for small families and young professionals alike.

You can find third Generation of Toyota Vitz in Ghana starting from USD 3,800.

Fourth Generation (2017-present)

toyota vitz

The fourth-generation Toyota Vitz boasts a refined and contemporary look with advanced technology and convenience features. Equipped with a responsive infotainment system and driver-assistance features, it offers a more connected and secure driving experience.

The fourth generation of used Vitz can be found in Ghana, starting from around USD 6,200.

Key Features of Toyota Vitz


Fuel Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of owning a Toyota Vitz is its impressive fuel efficiency. With rising fuel prices, the Vitz’s ability to cover more miles on less fuel makes it an economical option for daily commuting and long journeys.


Toyota is renowned for producing reliable vehicles; furthermore, the Vitz is no exception. Moreover, with proper maintenance and care, the Toyota Vitz can deliver dependable performance for years, thereby offering peace of mind to its owners. In addition, this longevity makes it a cost-effective choice for those seeking durability in a car.

Compact Size

The compact size of the Toyota Vitz is ideal for navigating crowded city streets and finding parking spaces in tight areas. Further, it offers a nimble and agile driving experience, making it suitable for urban driving conditions.

Safety Features

In all its vehicles, Toyota prioritizes safety, and the Vitz features essential safety components, including airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), and stability control, to ensure the well-being of its occupants.

Modern Technology

Newer generations of the Toyota Vitz come with modern technology features, such as touchscreen infotainment systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Why Buy a Toyota Vitz in Ghana?



As mentioned earlier, the SBT Toyota Vitz price in Ghana is reasonable, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers in Ghana.

Spare Parts Availability

Toyota vehicles have a widespread presence in Ghana, ensuring easy availability of genuine spare parts and reliable servicing options.

Resale Value

Due to its reputation for reliability, a Toyota Vitz retains its value well, making it a wise investment for future resale.

Fuel Economy

Given the increasing fuel prices in Ghana, the Toyota Vitz’s fuel efficiency is a major advantage for drivers seeking to minimize transportation costs.

Comfort and Practicality

The comfortable interiors, adequate cabin space, and user-friendly features make the Toyota Vitz a practical and enjoyable car for daily use.

Finding the Best Deals at SBT Ghana

When it comes to purchasing a Toyota Vitz in Ghana, SBT Ghana is a trusted and reliable source for finding the best deals. SBT Ghana offers a wide selection of new and used Toyota Vitz models, catering to various budget ranges and preferences. Here are some reasons why SBT Ghana should be your go-to destination:

Extensive Inventory

SBT Toyota Vitz’s inventory is extensive; it encompasses a wide range of options, spanning from older generations to the latest models. Consequently, with such a diverse selection at your disposal, you can easily locate a Vitz that precisely aligns with your specific requirements and seamlessly fits within your budget.

Quality Assurance

At SBT Ghana, quality is a top priority. Moreover, every Toyota Vitz available for purchase undergoes thorough inspections and assessments to ensure they meet high-quality standards. Consequently, this ensures that you are getting a reliable and well-maintained vehicle.

Transparent Pricing

SBT’s price of Toyota Vitz for sale in Ghana is transparent for all their Toyota Vitz models. The company offers competitive prices, and it does not hide any costs or surprises during the buying process. So, with clear and upfront pricing, you can make an informed decision without any uncertainty.

Assistance from Experts

The team at SBT Ghana consists of automotive experts who are knowledgeable about Toyota Vitz models and can provide valuable insights and guidance during your car-buying journey. They can assist you in choosing the right model and answer any questions you may have.

Financing Options

SBT Ghana also offers financing options to make purchasing a Toyota Vitz more convenient for buyers. Whether you prefer to pay in full or through installment plans, they have flexible financing solutions to accommodate your needs.


In conclusion, the Toyota Vitz offers an attractive package of affordability, fuel efficiency, reliability, and practicality, making it an excellent choice for drivers in Ghana. With various generations to choose from, each with its own set of features and advancements, there’s a Toyota Vitz to suit every individual’s preferences and requirements.

SBT Japan stands as a reliable partner in your quest to find the perfect Toyota Vitz. With its extensive inventory, transparent pricing, and expert assistance, SBT Ghana makes car buying a seamless and enjoyable experience. Remember to conduct a thorough inspection and verify the vehicle history when purchasing a used Toyota Vitz, and consider the tips mentioned above for a smooth and satisfying transaction.

Embrace the unparalleled value and exceptional quality that a Toyota Vitz brings, and as a result, experience the sheer joy of driving a consistently reliable and highly efficient car amidst the vibrant and dynamic backdrop of Ghana’s bustling cities, all while enjoying the breathtaking beauty of its scenic landscapes.