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Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest Of 2015 Begins!


It is most important for a person to grow and nourish in all aspects of life. You may be right brained or left brained but stress should be given to involve yourself in such activities that with trigger the points on both sides of the brain. This is done by participating in activities that will make you aware of certain situations and put you in an active mode which with not only refresh the mind but also the body.

Toyota is a true believer of learning through experimentation. For that Toyota holds a Dream Car Art Competition each year to grasp your artistic approaches and your mind for it. Kids 15 years and below from any where in the world, are invited to send their hand drawn illustration of their dream car to the Dream Car Art Contest. Not only does this support in expanding the mind but also in getting new and creative ideas fro m the most innocent and creative of outlets – children! The entries are now being submitted and you do send yours too and be the Toyota winner of the Dream Car Contest 2015. Do not hold back as Toyota is counting on you to give your best of the best and think outside the box!