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Tractor Trailer Crashes Into Limo Bus To Kill one and Injure Tracy Morgan Among Others!


New Jersey witnessed one of the most deadly and gruesome crashes this Sunday when a huge tractor trailer crashed into a Limo bus full of comedians resulting in the instant death of one person inside and injuring all others. One of the people injured in the accident was Tracy Morgan who has been a regular at Saturday Night Live and has received an Emmy Nomination on his role on 30 Rock. Those injured are still in critical condition struggling to fight the battle between life and death.


The driver Kevin Roper, 35 has been charged with vehicular homicide and assault by auto after the incident. It has further been reported that the individual was awake for more than 24 hours prior the incident and was in a state that would not permit driving at all costs. The wreck took place at 1 am on Saturday that resulted in the driver unable to fathom that the traffic infront of him was slowing down and therefore at the regular speed crashed into the limo bus including Tracy Morgan and four other individuals. Morgan’s fellow passenger and comedian James McNair died during the collision where as Morgan is has been critically injured and is still in ICU. He suffers from numerous injuries including broken ribs, broken leg, broken nose and a broken femur.