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Trust Me You Would Want Eat This Audi TT Coupe’!


The automobile industry is one of the most competitive areas of business at the moment. The competition which is cut throat and brutal is not limited to a national level but companies from all over the world are going head to head in order to make their presence known and to capture the mind share and heart share of the customer. This results in introducing latest technological implementations in their vehicles or updating their visual designs that will enable them to have an edge like none other. However we have never come across something this surprising and that is good news for all the sweet tooth out there.

Audi has decided to tempt everyone with their most basic cravings – FOOD! The German giants has introduced its new and edgy Audi TT Coupe’ which is a marvel in itself. The vehicle is sleek, smooth, speedy and luxurious. But above all the most tempting feature of the car is that it is covered with chocolates! Its no joke and you read that right. The vehicle at display was covered with delicious fudge chocolate that will tempt you to take a bite out of that car. Now THAT is the kind of thing i have never seen before.