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Two Football Players Die In Tragic Car Crash!


The technological growth that is being witnessed in the 21st century is nothing like ever before. With the actual invention of self driving vehicles, steering less vehicles, communicating cars and what not, it is made sure that safety and security is of prime concerns. Numerous technologically updates features are being implemented in the vehicles that ensure that the driver does not doze off while driving or is not disturbed and has complete focus on the road ahead. And yet there is still no decrease in the number of accidents yearly. Thousands of people not only get injured but die in highway and road accidents on yearly basis.

The death of a child is a tragedy in itself and if it occurs in an incident unforeseen it does not get nay easier. In recent news it was found out that two Brookhaven high school students who were also football players were involved in a car accident and passed away. The two kids were driving a Ford when they collided with a Hummer on their way back from a school softball game in which they were participating to get extra credit. The accident was a head on collision between the two vehicles and resulted in the eminent death of the two boys.