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Tyrese Gibson’s Custom Sprint Van For Sale!


Celebrities have their own way of doing things that sets them apart from other. Be it actors, sports personnel, politicians, humanitarians or anyone who is anyone knows how to do do things they don’t have to normally get involved in themselves. Be it their finances or purchasing or selling of properties or other items they let other people do that which they are paid for. So when when something out of the ordinary occurs it is a shock to people even if it of a very small sort.

Tyrese Gibson who is loved all over the world due to his famous role in Fast And Furious franchise, just did the uncanny thing of putting his customized Sprinter Van up for sale. Thats not much of a news but the way he did it was quite out of the ordinary. The famous actor put up the pictures of his van on Instagram and will the message of to be sold placed on it. With millions of fans following him on Instagram the post has gone viral over the whole social media with eager fans dying to get their hands on the actor’s automobile. Lets see who the lucky person turns out to be.