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Uber To Replace Car Ownership?


The new and innovative ways to make life considerably easier for the person on the go is being highly attractive nowadays. With the fast paced lifestyle that almost everyone is experiencing at the moment, it is highly likely that people will be attracted towards something that can is relaxing and enjoyable. Uber is one such company that is providing transport on your way to work no matter where you are by just the click of a button away in your Uber application.

What is most interesting in this project is Uber;s intention to replace car ownership completely. The price cuts for Uber should be cheaper than the cost of owning a car. If the business model is somehow made cheaper through strategic cost cutting, it is highly likely that individuals will opt for the dream project rather than owning a car. The Uber drivers can make a limited amount of trips an hour which will a hurdle to cross over. The favorable outcome in this regard will be better for the community with less traffic on the road, relaxing and enjoyable ride, cheaper option for financially deprived individuals and zero cost of owning a car without compromising on the usage of transportation.