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Japanese Used Cars in Myanmar-The Tough Battle


In the year 2011 a new chapter in used car import to Myanmar happened. It was the regime of President Thein Sein that duty was reduced and deregulated for making the infrastructure boost to new level. Yes, the infrastructure development occurred because of used cars that included sedans for cab purpose, trucks for load carriage, buses for transportation ease and heavy duty vehicles for machinery carriage.

Since that time thousands of car has been exported from Japan, flooding roads of Myanmar. Now the latest trend is opening of showrooms in major cities like Yangon. As the sea port for used car import is Yangon so transportation charges are also less in this case.

In the past three years, a number of small and big showrooms have opened by local dealers generating business opportunities to a better level. A number of companies like SBT Japan are providing discounted cars to remain in the game of importation.

“90% of Myanmar drives Japanese Used Cars”

Now a direct competition is visible with the introduction of production houses and showrooms of the automobile companies like Toyota, Honda, Ford, General Motors and Mitsubishi which have individually opened offices in the country. But it should be kept in mind that because of economical prices and great quality, the used cars still rule the market.

Strategies should be devised by used car companies, for remaining the top of the mind preference.