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Vehicle Involved In President Obama’s Threat Located!


Keeping airtight security around the world’s most important man is no easy feat. Being the president of United States of America is one tough job itself and the health risks involved due to being targeted from numerous adversaries is a constant threat looming over one’s head. Because of such a risky situation the secret service which is responsible for the life of Mr. President himself is along side him and 10 steps ahead for his safety and security.

In recent news it was stated that the Secret Service uncovered a potential threat against President Obama while he was in in Newport, Rhode Island. In the statement released, the Secret Service stated that the threat was based on the information uncovered due to the investigation on a specific person and the vehicle involved in the process. The potential vehicle involved in President Obama’s threat was a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta which was later found to be in Hamden, New Haven. To date there has been no arrest or charges made in this case and investigation is under process. The Secret Service is still on the tail of the potential suspect showing positive attitude towards the suspect being caught soon enough.