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VIDEO: Father Daughter Dynamic Duo Car Chase After Burglars!!

red truck

One of the first few things that come to mind for personal safety is the lessons our parents taught us. In case of ever being stuck in a situation can result in life or death, keep yourself on the sidelines and it is always recommended to not go after the thieves or the attackers as it can result in circumstances that you wish you could change. The ones performing the illegal acts having nothing to lose yet the ones being robbed need to be aware to keep themselves safe as nothing is more important than your life.

A dynamic duo of a father and daughter proved us otherwise. Returning back from a vacation to Houston, the pair saw apparent thieves pulling out from their driveway getting away from the alleges burglary that just occurred. Instead of just calling the police, the pair followed the burglars in their Audi Sedan being the red pickup truck. The burglars upon realizing that someone was tailing them put their car in reverse to crash into the Audi. The daughter was behind the wheel while the father made the whole video from his cellphone’s camera. Thee speedy car chase continued and the daughter put her car in full acceleration and crashed into the truck which resulted in the truck falling in a ditch. The police arrived in time to arrest two out of three burglars. The father of the year award cannot be given to the dad even though he was very proud of his daughter taking control of the situation.