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Video: Mercedes Future Truck Is Here…!!!

mercedes benz future truck

We all know the direction of technology when it comes to automobile industry. Few years ago we saw cruisetronic controls in our cars and after that we also witnessed self driving cars concept from none other than the most powerful and innovative company “Google”

After seeing those breakthroughs we had to say that, in future we will be seeing so much directional shift in European, Japanese and American automobile industry.

Recently a prestigious European automobile company “Mercedes Benz” showcased its concept of future heavy vehicles like loading trucks that enables with a self driving mode with the help of GPS technology.

It just deteriorates for huge apparatus administrators, who may use consistently on those uneventful streets. Mercedes-Benz might in the end let those long term drivers bring about a significant improvement utilization of their time, however. It simply as of late exhibited Future Truck 2025, a semi-self-sufficient idea vehicle that takes the reins on the thruway. A blending of radar and stereo Polaroids keep the machine on the right course once its dependent upon velocity, liberating the driver to determine the status of the family or accomplish work. It can alternatively converse with different vehicles to foresee approaching development or congested roads, and it’s brilliant enough to escape the way if an emergency vehicle comes speeding by.