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VIDEO: Real TRANSFORMER Shocks The Pedestrians By Live Transformation!!!


One of the most famous and high hitting block buster of Hollywood is the action packed super hero movies that targets the audience from all ages and background. A series of movies under the name of “TRANSFORMERS” took the world by storm when it introduced the concept of actual robots transforming into top notch classy cars. The idea of your beloved classy vehicle in your garage suddenly turning into a real life robot from an alternate universe sent to save the human kind from its own evil and vices seems pretty interesting to the audience and resulted in topping the charts for several weeks. What is most interesting is the technological advancement that is being experienced at the moment that doesn’t make this becoming a reality an impossibility.

Pedestrians in Indianapolis were left shocked in downtown area when a they stumbled across what seems like the closest thing to a transformer shocking them to the core. A real life car while moving around the streets of Indianapolis was witnessed turning into a real life transformer making everyone viewing the occurance erupt with applause and laughter. This event is a testament to the technological growth human kind is making and the Jetsons fantasy doesn’t seem too far fetched now. Lets see what else the Transformer can do to save the humanity from its own vices.