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VIDEO: Shocking Car Crash Caught On Camera!


There are millions and billions of car crash videos uploaded over the internet. Every day there is a new addition to the collection of reckless driving, careless speeding and driving under the influence that result in numerous injuries and fatalities. There has been numerous restrictions, technological implementations and advertisement campaigns to create awareness among people to drive slow and safe and to ensure at all times that the driver’s safety and those around him is safeguarded at all time essentially.

One such incident occurred in Kansas that left the passengers in near by cars in shock and awe. A Kansas man was immediately taken to a hospital when his SUV crashed in a trailer parked with a 2006 Ford F350 attached to it. Luckily there was no one present in the Ford 350 otherwise it could have resulted in fatal injuries to the occupants. The SUV upon crashing went airborne and flipped shockingly before crashing down in a nearby ditch. The driver was taken immediately to the hospital the video was made the rear view camera attached to the car of a passenger nearby. The atrocity of mankind is unfathomable that is unable to comprehend the dangers of speedy and fast driving.