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VIDEO: WILD Bike Rides NOT Recommended But a MUST Watch!


The internet is one of the most entertaining mediums for the most shocking, hilarious and jaw dropping things. Events and acts that will leave to in awe and unbelievable piece of news and videos that will ensure you are up to date with everything is what the social media is now all about. Therefore it comes as no surprise when you come across certain content that can actually be potentially harmful and dangerous if ever tried at home. Today we came across just the thing we would never recommend but is definitely worth the watch.

It is highly recommended and mandatory for people to wear helmets for safety when riding on a bike. However its not people we are talking about here. Some individuals who direly love their pet dogs chose to take them out for a ride of their motor bikes, Harleys and numerous other sports bikes while certain owners took an extra step to go the long way by making them wear a helmet. The video is sure to make your day when you see the little pups cruising along the ride with the wind in their hair and happiness evident from their faces. However it is highly recommended NOT to try this at home as you never know how or when your pets might jump out and hurt themselves along with others.