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Volkswagen – New Labor Organization Engagement Policy for Chattanooga Plant !!


Instead of mentioning the United Auto Workers by name, Volkswagen recently established a new policy that would allow organized labor groups to hold meetings at its Chattanooga, Tenn. Plant and could conveniently and comfortably speak with executives. Automotive News reports that the Community Organization Engagement policy should not be used to “claim or request recognition for any group of employees,” but does allow those groups three levels of access and dialogue with the plant’s top masses.

The first level grants groups who represent 15 percent of the floor employees, the right to hold a meeting once a month during non working hours, along with monthly meetings with VW HR, and the ability to post announcements. The second level — 30 percent representation allows groups to meet once a week, as well as invite non employee group personnel to meet up once per month, and quarterly meetings with the Volkswagen Chattanooga Executive Committee. Finally, groups who represent 45 percent or more of the floor can reserve floor spaces “as reasonably needed,” meet with HR biweekly, and the executive committee monthly.

Eligibility for any of the tiers requires adhering to the standards set by the National Labor Relations Board, with membership rolls evaluated by a third party twice per year. American Council of Employees interim president Sean Moss applauded the policy, proclaiming Volkswagen had:

 “officially recognized the need for a local group that puts the needs and interests of its members ahead the outside political forces.”