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Want To Boost Car Resale Value? Go For NEW Colors!!


This might sound a little off and out of the box but its definitely true. The data received after extensive research has found out that it is no doubt one of the best way to boost car resale value to introduce new and non traditional colors in the market.


It has been witnessed in the purchasing behavior of vehicles that cars with non conservative colors results in greater resale value. Yellow a typically non traditional color if present on a vehicle costing $20,000 would be able to retain its $15,000 more of its value five years than the same car in the color black. There has been noticed a considerably more depreciation in the value of traditional colored cars with black, white, gray and silver in the midst of 34% to 35% depreciation. On the other hand vehicles boasting shades like yellow, orange and green did not cross the 30% depreciation limit. It might be the result of customer preferences with new car buyers opting for minimal colors preferring to blend in rather than the people low on cash and opting for bright colors are inclined to stand out. The interesting projections resulting in conclusion of the study is highly credible with a resale periods of 5 years kept consistent.